2020/2019 Nuna® MIXX™ Stroller + PIPA™ Car Seat Travel System (includes Nuna MIXX Ring Adapter)

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The 2019 Nuna MIXX stroller + PIPA car seat combine to make the ultimate all-in-one modern stroller travel system. In beautiful new colors and brown leatherette handles, the Nuna MIXX Travel System provides comprehensive strolling functionality: stroller mode with multiple recline positions, fully reclined bassinet mode, and car seat strolling mode... all while strolling on all-terrain tires, and in both parent-facing and forward-facing positions... what more could we ask for?! Now more than ever, the Nuna MIXX is the true all-in-one stroller travel system.


The 2019 Nuna MIXX stroller continues to deliver on Nuna's tradition of multi-functional all-in-one travel systems. The 2019 MIXX stroller has been beautifully enhanced with added ventilation throughout the stroller seat, brown leather-like handles that are soft and durable, and new color tones that are equally neutral in nature, as they are stylish.

The 2019 MIXX stroller colors include:

  • CAVIAR: no surprise that Nuna's traditional black color will continue in this new line, only more statement-making than ever with the contrasting brown leather handles
  • GRANITE: a medium-grey color tone with brown leather handles, the Granite will surely become a customer favorite this year
  • BIRCH: a grey and ivory combination that, along with the brown leather handles, is as original as stroller fashion can get

2019 Nuna MIXX stroller enhancements:

Nuna MIXX Ring Adapter. Very much a welcomed change, we are happy to see that the 2019 MIXX stroller now comes with the Nuna MIXX Ring Adapter. The Ring Adapter increases ease-of-use for the MIXX and PIPA travel system immensely, seeking to emulate the same experience of docking and undocking your PIPA car seat in the car seat base. With the Ring Adapter, you're able to simply snap on the car seat onto the stroller. To remove the car seat, just click the release button in the back of the car seat. This is a significant improvement over the previous MIXX car seat adapters that required more muscle and back strength by the parent to remove the car seat. 

All-Season Seat w/ Built-in Mesh Summer Seat. The 2019 MIXX now has the concept of a winter seat and a summer seat. Enjoy normal seating and keep the littles warm for those cold days, and strip the seat down to a breezy mesh seat back for summertime. Winter, summer... the MIXX is the true all-season stroller!

Luxe Brown Leatherette Handles. This year's new addition of brown leather-like handles adds both style and contrast to all colors of the Nuna MIXX stroller, while the neutral stroller tones keep the stroller beautifully understated. Both the stroller's handlebar and the stroller seat bumper bar are accented with brown leatherette.

Slide height-adjustable harness. Another enhancement to the stroller seat and a practical one as your little one grows, the newly designed slide height-adjustable harness saves parents time in having to re-set the harness position manually. Just slide, adjust and go! 

Features of the 2019 Nuna MIXX stroller:

Flat fold. Perhaps the most compelling feature of the MIXX stroller is its true flat fold, in both forward facing and parent facing positions. The flat folding mechanism built into the MIXX allows to transition the stroller seat into bassinet mode in a matter of seconds by holding the recline button and lowering the seat back. This is a fairly unique feature in strollers and has multiple benefits and we believe this is one of the key reasons why parents select the MIXX as their stroller of choice. Due to its flat fold, the MIXX stroller seat can be used from newborn infancy stage because it converts to a bassinet-like sleeping environment, whereas many strollers have a more common wedged seat and require either a car seat or stand-alone bassinet during infancy. Additionally, if you are on the go and your older child feels sleepy, the flat fold allows you to just lower the seat back, creating a more natural and comfortable sleeping environment. And of course, whether you're on the go or at home, having one less bassinet to take along or store is always a good thing!

Removable, reversible stroller seat. Because the stroller seat is removable, using the car seat on the stroller is seamless and light. To use the car seat with the stroller, you'd use just the stroller frame, adapter and car seat. No need to take the stroller seat along! Also, because the seat is removable and reversible, baby can face you or face forward. Especially during infancy and in the initial months after baby's birth when connection is so important, the rear-facing seat allows for the baby to always see you, and for you to always see the baby. As little ones get older and more curious, it's nice to have the flexibility of both forward-facing and rear-facing strolling.

All-Terrain Tires & Progressive Wheel Suspension. The 2019 Nuna MIXX, like its predecessor models, sports tough, all-terrain, foam-filled rear tires. Both front and rear wheels of the stroller are designed with progressive suspension technology. This, combined with its one-touch rear-wheel braking system, creates a strong and responsive stroller for smooth sidewalks and for rougher terrain. 

UPF 50+ Extendable Sunshade. The canopy of the Nuna MIXX has a built-in eyeshade extension. Simply unzip the canopy, extend the sunshade for added coverage and go. The extension is smartly designed, with ventilation panels on both sides to allow added airflow and breathability for the littles. 

Adjustable Recline & Comfort Features. Perhaps the most important quality a stroller can have is comfort. From head to toe, the Nuna MIXX was designed with your and your little one's comfort in mind. At the top of the canopy is a peek-a-boo window, allowing you to peek at little one during strolls. The handlebar is ergonomically designed and height adjustable for parents and caregivers. For the baby, the seat's true recline allows baby to snooze in a natural and comfortable sleeping position. The seat has five recline positions built in from a flat recline to most upright, suitable for any number of moods from relaxing to curious and awake. The adjustable calf support with integrated footrest comforts little snoozers on the go.

Flat Trolley Fold. The MIXX has a unique, quick-and-easy fold, just activate the fold and flip the handlebar over, it's that easy. The handlebar locks in place and once locked, you may then pull on the handlebar and trolley the stroller. As if that's not good enough, the stroller opens with one hand in the reverse direction of the fold.

What's included?

  • By purchasing from us, an Authorized Nuna Retailer, you will receive 2 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty from defects
  • Complete 3-in-1 stroller - forward-facing, rear-facing and flat fold recline
  • Nuna MIXX Ring Adapter

We also carry these Nuna MIXX accessories:

  • Nuna MIXX Cup Holder (for parent)
  • Nuna MIXX Child Tray (for little ones!)
  • Nuna MIXX Rain Cover
  • Nuna MIXX Bassinet, which doubles as an overnight bassinet solution at home with the MIXX Bassinet Stand
  • Nuna Universal Travel Bag - a luggage-grade travel bag with wheels, fits almost all Nuna products including the MIXX stroller!

Technical Specs:

  • Shipping dimensions: 38 lbs., 30"H x 20.3"L x 14.8"W
  • Open product dimensions: 44"H x 37"L x 23.5"W
  • Folded product dimensions: 18"H x 34"L x 23.5"W
  • Stroller weight: 27 lbs. excluding winter seat and arm bar

Care instructions:

  • Refer to product manual. Wash in cold water, delicate cycle.
  • Do not bleach
  • Drip dry. Do not tumble dry or iron.
  • Do not dry clean.


2019 NUNA PIPA CAR SEATS (including PIPA, PIPA Lite and PIPA Lite LX):

The 2019 Nuna PIPA car seat continues Nuna's heritage of producing baby gear with a conscious awareness for the quality of ingredients used. The 2019 PIPA car seat series includes three types of car seats - the Nuna PIPA, the PIPA Lite and the PIPA Lite LX. All three car seats have the same exact car seat base, the car seat carriers, however, differ by weight and functionality. Read on for a full comparison of all three car seats.

A comparison of the Nuna PIPA, PIPA Lite and PIPA Lite LX car seats:

  • One difference between the seats is the weight. Of course, a lighter seat is always more desirable, all things being equal. Nuna PIPA weighs 7.9 lbs., the PIPA Lite weighs 5.3 lbs. and is the lightest of the three options, and the Nuna PIPA Lite LX weighs 5.7 lbs. This weight does not include the canopy or the infant insert.
  • Outside of weight, perhaps the next most important difference is that the Nuna PIPA may be installed and used without the car seat base. In fact, the PIPA is FAA approved with and without the base. The PIPA Lite and PIPA Lite LX models, by nature of being much lighter car seats, are always installed and used with the base. Due to this and depending on your lifestyle and where you live, this might be a major plus for you for the Nuna PIPA car seat. For customers who live in busy metropolitan cities where you might expect to take taxicabs more often than not, or if you expect to travel with baby by air in the first 1+ year, you may consider the Nuna PIPA for the convenience of being able to install the car seat without the base. If these details are not as relevant to your lifestyle, than the lighter versions - the PIPA Lite and PIPA Lite LX - would be more desirable.
  • Nuna PIPA and PIPA Lite LX have a built-in "Dream Drape", which is an expandable fabric hidden inside the car seat's canopy for added sunshade. The Nuna PIPA Lite does not have the Dream Drape as it's meant to be a super light seat at 5.3 lbs.
  • The Nuna PIPA Lite LX is made with premium merino wool fabric and Tencel. The Nuna PIPA and Nuna PIPA Lite are made with beautifully soft knit fabrics.
  • Lastly and as a bonus, the Nuna PIPA Lite and Nuna PIPA LX include an additional infant insert that's made of 100% organic cotton, with a beautiful diamond-stitched pattern in a soft, light grey fabric. If you really loved this option of the organic cotton insert, you may also add it to the Nuna PIPA car seat for $29.95.
  • The priced for the three seats are $299.95 for the Nuna PIPA, $349.95 for the Nuna PIPA Lite and $399.95 for the Nuna PIPA Lite LX.

Enhancements in the 2019 Nuna PIPA Car Seat series:

  • FR Chemical Free Fabric. In this new 2019 release, the Nuna PIPA car seats in all options include fabric that is FR chemical free. In 2018, the PIPA Lite and PIPA Lite LX benefited from this feature, and with this new release, all options including the regular PIPA line will include fabric that is FR chemical free. This is very much a welcomed change in the baby gear community and more importantly, for parents.
  • Luxe Brown Leatherette Handles. Most of the PIPA colors across all three models will receive beautifully warm-toned brown leatherette handles. Additionally, in the PIPA Lite LX line, there are three options with a similar leatherette handle, in black.
  • New Colors. Various light and grey-ish neutral tones have been added to the 2019 PIPA collection which, combined with black or brown leatherette handles, makes for one stylish yet understated car seat design. These new PIPA colors are so complementary of the Nuna strollers, you may mix and match them any number of ways with the Nuna strollers to form one complete stroller/car seat travel system.

The 2019 Nuna PIPA Car Seat base (included with all three car seats):

  • Since launch in the US market years ago, the Nuna PIPA has really taken the car seat marketplace by storm for a number of reasons. The PIPA offers unique safety and convenience features that are hard to find in US seats, the most important of which is likely its car seat base.
  • A product of Dutch design, the PIPA has a steel-enforced stability load leg that fits onto the floor of the car. All things being equal, in the event of an accident, this steel leg helps to keep the car seat's base more stable and less likely to reposition or rebound.
  • The PIPA is an ISOFIX car seat that has a rigid latch system. What this means is the latching system of the car seat is built with metal and is therefore more durable and more reliable.
  • The car seat base also has installation indicators, located in both the stability leg, on both sides of the base near the latch, and in the middle of the base. The combination of these indicators helps to ensure that the base is installed in a properly level, firm position.
  • We also carry the separate PIPA car seat base, if you'd need one for a second car in the family. A second base allows you to have a car seat base installed in each of two cars, and simply transfer the car seat from car to car without having to re-install the seat each time.

What's included?

  • Complete car seat, with canopy and infant insert
  • In the case of the PIPA Lite and PIPA Lite LX, a second organic cotton insert is included to use in place of the original insert
  • Nuna PIPA Car Seat Base with steel-enforced stability load leg
  • Comprehensive PIPA Car Seat installation guide, including latch guides to aide with installation
  • Nuna's 1 year manufacturers' limited warranty from defects

Compatability of the Nuna PIPA Car Seat:

  • The 2019 Nuna PIPA is compatible with all Nuna strollers, which include the popular Nuna MIXX, as well as the Nuna TAVO, Nuna PEPP, and the Nuna Demi Grow.
  • All three PIPA car seats are also compatible with UPPAbaby Vista and Cruz strollers with adapters. Refer to manufacturer's product manuals for specific compatibility criteria and recommended use. 
    • To combine the Nuna PIPA and a single UPPAbaby Vista or the Cruz, you have a choice in using the "Nuna PIPA adapter for UPPAbaby" (recommended, as this is a ring-style adapter and easier to use) or the "UPPAbaby Upper Adapter for Maxi-Cosi, Nuna and Cybex". This combination works with UPPAbaby strollers that are 2015 and newer.
    • To combine the Nuna PIPA and a double UPPAbaby Vista stroller (with two seats), use the "UPPAbaby Upper Adapter for Maxi-Cosi, Nuna and Cybex" in the top position, or the "UPPAbaby Lower Adapter for Maxi-Cosi, Nuna and Cybex" in the lower position. This combination works with UPPAbaby strollers that are 2015 and newer.
    • To combine the Nuna PIPA Lite or PIPA Lite LX with UPPAbaby Vista single stroller or the UPPAbaby Cruz, use the adapter "Nuna PIPA Adapter for UPPAbaby". This combination works with UPPAbaby strollers that are 2015 and newer.
    • The Nuna PIPA Lite and the PIPA Lite LX are not compatible with the Vista double stroller when using the RumbleSeat.

We also carry these Nuna PIPA Series accessories:

  • Nuna PIPA Rain Cover
  • Nuna PIPA Organic Cotton Infant Insert with shoulder covers and seat pad
  • Nuna PIPA Car Seat base - separate base for a second or third car in the family
  • Nuna Universal Travel Bag - a luggage-grade travel bag with wheels, fits almost all Nuna products including the Nuna PIPA car seat with base
  • Nuna PIPA adapter for UPPAbaby Vista and Cruz 2015 and newer models
  • UPPAbaby adapter for Maxi-Cosi, Nuna PIPA and Cybex
  • Nuna PIPA adapter for Bugaboo Cameleon 3 strollers, 2015 and newer models
  • Nuna PIPA adapter for BOB single strollers, 2016 and newer models
  • Nuna PIPA car seat latch guides (a pair of latch guides are included with the car seat as well)

Technical Specs:

  • Nuna PIPA:
    • Shipping dimensions: 28.7 lbs., 28.7"H x 19.8"L x 18.3"W
    • Open product dimensions: 26.1"H x 25.1"L x 17.5"W
    • Complete weight with base: 21.4 lbs.
    • Car seat carrier only weight: 7.9 lbs. (excludes canopy and infant insert)
  • Nuna PIPA Lite:
    • Shipping dimensions: 28.8 lbs., 28.7"H x 19.8"L x 18.3"W
    • Open product dimensions: 22.5"H x 27.25"L x 17.5"W
    • Complete weight with base: 19.3 lbs.
    • Car seat carrier only weight: 5.3 lbs. (excludes canopy and infant insert)
  • Nuna PIPA Lite LX:
    • Shipping dimensions: 30.5 lbs., 28.7"H x 19.8"L x 18.3"W
    • Open product dimensions: 22.5"H x 27.25"L x 17.5"W
    • Complete weight with base: 19.7 lbs.
    • Car seat carrier only weight: 5.7 lbs. (excludes canopy and infant insert)