$5 Raffle for $1000 Gift Card

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One lucky winner gets $1000 gift card. ALL proceeds go to ArmeniaFund (ArmeniaFund.org). If you have been eyeing that stroller or car seat, enter for a chance to win and help a great cause! This cause is incredibly near and dear to our hearts. Thank you for joining us!


Our hearts are breaking over the current events in Armenia and Artsak at this time. On September 27, Azerbaijan, with strong backing by Turkey, began air strikes and shelling on Artsakh, killing a pregnant mom-to-be, a child, and other civilians, and creating a full-fledged war during a global health pandemic. The shellings have continued daily, resulting in hundreds of casualties and injuries. Children and families have resorted to living in underground shelters or have been transported to Armenia for safety. 

This attack was obviously planned strategically, during this time of both COVID-19 and an election year in the US, to help ensure it gets very little coverage. And as a result, little coverage it is getting. Join our voices as we use our individual, and often times rather small platforms, to raise awareness and relief for Artsakh.

Again, our hearts are breaking over these events, and we sincerely appreciate all of you who are opening your hearts to amplify awareness for this effort.

This is very much a humanitarian crisis.


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