Bugaboo® Lynx Bassinet Fabric Complete

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Bugaboo Lynx Bassinet Fabric Complete

Providing your newborn with a safe and comfortable environment to snooze in while out for a stroll is a snap with the addition of a bassinet to your Bugaboo Lynx stroller. The Bugaboo Lynx Bassinet Fabric Complete includes all of the bassinet fabric that you need, complete with a mattress, plastic stiffeners, a wooden bassinet board, and an apron – everything you need to set up the bassinet for your little one. Designed to allow your baby to lie flat in the most ideal position, the bassinet keeps baby cozy and comfortable when it’s time to nap while on the go.

What’s Included?

  • Bassinet fabric and apron
  • Bassinet bottom with mattress foam, aerated inlay, mattress cover and bassinet stiffeners