Nuna® RAVA™ Convertible Car Seat (New FR Free Fabric + 2 Cup Holders)

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Nuna® RAVA™ Convertible Car Seat (New FR Free Fabric + 2 Cup Holders)

The Nuna RAVA Car Seat follows Nuna's long tradition of a feature-rich car seat designed with safety and comfort in mind. The Nuna RAVA is designed to be uncomplicated, un-fussy and exceeding of American safety standards.   Now featuring Bamboo/polyester blend fabrics that are free of flame retardant chemicals and are also temperature-regulating, hypoallergenic and antibacterial

Features of the Nuna RAVA Car Seat:

FR Chemical Free Fabric

  • This is likely the biggest upgrade in the new Nuna RAVA Car Seat over the original RAVA seat. The outer fabric of the seat in the Rava model is not treated with FR chemicals and this is a major plus for parents looking for a car seat with good-for-baby fabric. The seat uses breathable knit fabric, creating a cool and comfortable climate for car rides.

Unique Simply™ Secure Installation. 

  • The installation of the Nuna RAVA is known to be simple and straight-forward. There are two installation options, a seat belt option and a latch option, with seat belt installation being the manufacturer's recommended option for most cars. Muscle-free True Tension™ doors help to ensure an extra secure fit without struggle. Once installation is complete, the RAVA is firmly installed in the car, in either rear or forward-facing positions.

Rear-facing to Forward-facing. 

  • The RAVA is a rear-facing to forward-facing car seat and it may be used in rear-facing mode from 5 to 50 lbs., and in forward-facing mode from 25 to 65 lbs. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends keeping your child's car seat in rear facing mode as long as possible within the car seat manufacturer's guidelines. The 50 lb. limit in rear-facing mode for the RAVA helps maintain that much-desired rear-facing position longer than other car seats on the market.

Side Impact Protection (SIP) and Safety Construction.

  • The Nuna RAVA is made with an all-steel frame and a reinforced belt path for superior protection. Energy absorbing foam and side impact protection (SIP) pods take side impact security to the next level in the RAVA car seat.

Use from Infancy.

  • The Nuna RAVA can be used for newborns from 5 lbs.. The car seat includes an infant insert for back support and a head support pillow, creating a just snug and comfortable riding environment for your new little one.

Grows with Child.

  • As the child gets older, simply remove the back support infant insert and the infant head support pillow, creating a much deeper and roomier seat. The RAVA is designed with a laid-back legroom which gives extra leg room for rear-facing riders, and increased leg support for forward-facing children. Additionally, the headrest is built to be adjustable, and may be raised higher as the child grows for a total of 10 different head height positions.

Multi-Position Recline. 

  • The Nuna RAVA is built with a multi-position recline, which is not entirely unique in convertible car seats, however, the recline mechanism built into the seat is much easier to use and more sophisticated than a lot of other car seats. There are 10 recline positions combined including five rear-facing and five forward-facing positions, and the recline adjustment options are built onto both sides of the car seat. To change the recline positions, simply press the adjustment button on either side of the seat and adjust the seat into the next position.

Flip-open Cup Holders. 

  • Both sides of the RAVA are built with hidden cup holders. Simply flip open the cup holder compartments on each side.

No Re-thread 5-Point Harness.

  • The RAVA harness shoulder positions are adjustable upwards or downwards by simply adjusting the headrest. The headrest has 10 different positions and as you move the headrest up, this mechanism also raises the harness height. 

Designed for Breathability. 

  • The RAVA is also designed to be well-ventilated, with ventilation panels built within the shell of the seat as well as breathable (and washable) knit fabric. The more breathable the seat, the more comfy the ride, especially on warm summer days!

FAA Approved.

  • The RAVA is also FAA approved for use in an aircraft. Take them here, there, everywhere... by car or airplane... For a family trip, you may also consider the optional Nuna Travel Bag for your RAVA seat, a luggage-grade bag with wheels that allows you to take the RAVA (and a lot of other Nuna gear) along!

Color Options:

The Nuna RAVA car seat is available in a number of classy and neutral color options:

  •    Caviar: black
  •    Granite: grey and slate combination
  •    Frost: light beige
  •    Lake: indigo blue
  •    Rose: dry rose with pink accents


  • Rear facing 5-50 lbs., 49 inches or less (Suggested use up to at least 2 years of age)
  • Forward facing 25-65 lbs., 49 inches or less (Suggested use 2 years of age or older)
  • Exceeds American Safety Standards for convertible car seats
  • Open product dimensions (approximate): 27.9 lbs., 25"H x 16"L x 19"W
  • Shipment dimensions (approximate): 35.9 lbs., 28"H x 22"L x 19.9"W


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  • 5
    Best car seat and best kid store

    Posted by Rozanna on 07 21 2021

    Thank you to Diane for another incredible and easy experience. She provides the absolute best service and there’s no one else we would trust with all of our baby gear shopping. Buy local!!

  • 5
    Love it

    Posted by Katie on 04 01 2021

    We had a great shopping experience as Diane was very helpful. The car seat shipped quickly and it is working out great for us. We really like it!

  • 5
    Nuna rava

    Posted by Lauren on 11 30 2020

    Very nice, arrived quickly. There was a billing address issue and when I called after a week, they said that they had contacted me via email and voicemail and I was unable to see that they had done either. But once that was resolved it arrived quickly and packaged well.

  • 5
    Nuna Rava

    Posted by Ashley on 09 11 2020

    We are loving our Nuna Rava! Our little guy seemed to hate being in his carrier car seat & seems much more comfortable in this one! We are also excited to have this car seat grow with him!

  • 5
    NUNA rava

    Posted by Katie Bell on 09 08 2020


  • 5
    Excellent find!

    Posted by Laura on 09 02 2020

    I purchased the Nuna RAVA in the Lake color and am in love! It is a bulkier car seat when rear facing, but the quality and functionality is fantastic otherwise. Shipping was fast (small delay due to sale) but customer service was also fantastic when I called to confirm availability/shipment timing. The Lake color is gorgeous as well, highly recommend!

  • 5
    Easy Install

    Posted by Brittney Boehm on 08 31 2020

    Just installed this and it was super easy. My daughter seems very comfortable in it (13 months).

  • 5
    Fastest Shipping!

    Posted by Maria Armistead on 06 19 2020

    It is difficult to go to a store and find this carseat during these COVID19 times. Little Sprouts was THE FASTEST shipping I have scene on any site. Nuna, Nordstrom, Pottery Barn were all 10 business days out at least. I ordered this on Sunday and received it at same Friday (6 days later). (I'm on the West Coast)

  • 5
    Car seat

    Posted by Falon Perrin on 09 27 2019

    Great design