Nuna® TRIV™ Stroller + PIPA™ Car Seat Travel System (Incl. Rain Cover + Ring Adapter + Magnetic Buckle)

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Nuna®TRIV™ Stroller + PIPA™ Car Seat Travel System (with Rain Cover & Ring Adapter)

The Nuna TRIV stroller + PIPA car seat combine to make the ultimate all-in-one urban stroller travel system, ideal for everyday city living and traveling families. In classy neutral colors and brown leatherette handles, the Nuna TRIV Travel System provides comprehensive strolling functionality: a compact stroller with multiple recline positions, parent and forward facing seating direction, seamless car seat/stroller functionality, and a light and compact fold for lifting and transporting the stroller.

Nuna TRIV Stroller Features:

  • Lightweight, Compact One-Hand Fold. The Nuna TRIV is designed compact and lightweight enough to make folding, lifting, storing and transporting the stroller easy and practical on an everyday basis, whether you are traveling in a small car, taking a cab or riding the train. 
  • All-Season Seat with Merino Wool Insert. As with other Nuna strollers, the Nuna TRIV has the much beloved all-season stroller seat. The TRIV seat has a removable merino wool padded insert that's comfortable and soft to the touch for baby, and underneath the insert is a breezy all-mesh summer seat. Use the summer seat to keep baby cool and comfortable during those hot summer months!
  • Foldable Ring Adapter and Compatibility with Nuna PIPA Car Seat. The Ring Adapter allows you to use the Nuna PIPA series car seat with the TRIV stroller. Ring Adapters are common to Nuna strollers, however, this new, foldable ring adapter included with the Nuna TRIV is no short of amazing! Due to its foldable ring adapter, the TRIV folds seamlessly in half and becomes a compact, travel-friendly and urban-friendly stroller, ideal for city sidewalks as well as trains, taxis and public transportation. To place the PIPA car seat on the TRIV, simply place the ring adapter on the stroller and set the car seat onto the adapter. To fold the stroller, remove the car seat, pull the leatherette tab on the ring adapter and voila, the stroller folds in half!
  • Standing Fold. This is a new feature to Nuna strollers. The Nuna TRIV has a standing fold, making for an efficient footprint of the stroller in its folded position. This is great when you fold the stroller and set it aside, such as in a restaurant, in the entryway of your home or at grandmother's house.
  • Forward-Facing and Parent-Facing Seat, in use and folded! The Nuna TRIV has a stroller seat that faces the parent and faces forward (also called world-facing). This gives you and your child the flexibility to change positions depending on the child's mood, or level of alertness and curiosity during each stroller. Additionally, regardless of which position the stroller seat is in, you may still seamlessly and compactly fold the TRIV with the seat on. 
  • All-Wheel Suspension + Additional Spring Suspension Under Seat. It's unusual for a stroller of this size to have all-wheel suspension, even for specialty stroller brands. The Nuna TRIV is made with all-wheel suspension and an additional spring suspension under the stroller seat. This comprehensive suspension design throughout the stroller gives the TRIV a smoother and comfortable ride for Baby, and is especially helpful on bumps, cobblestones, and old streets in the city and during travels.
  • Lockable Front Wheel. If you find yourself on even bumpier roads, the front wheels of the Nuna TRIV are lockable, allowing you the wheels to stroll in a straight line and giving you more control on bumpier roads. Simply pull the front swivel lock up to lock the front wheel, and push down to unlock.
  • UPF 50+ Extendable Canopy w/ Ample Ventilation. The Canopy is designed with a dual-panel extension. Simply unzip the canopy and reveal the extension for better, bigger sun coverage. There are two ventilation windows built into the extendable portion of the canopy for increased air flow for Baby, one on each side of the canopy. And lastly, the canopy has an additional flip-out eyeshade for more coverage, as well as a flip-out window built in for even more ventilation and a quiet peek-a-boo at baby.
  • One-Handed Recline. The Nuna TRIV stroller seat is designed with an easy one-handed recline. Simply pull the recline latch and adjust the seat forward or backward to Baby's liking. Usually compact strollers tend to have a manual seat recline, and this one-handed recline is easier to use on-the-go. The stroller seat has a 3 position recline for upright, resting and in-between.
  • No-rethread harness. The Nuna TRIV is made with a five-point no rethread harness such that when you go to adjust the harness height for your growing Baby, the harness adjustment is built directly and easily on the stroller seat - simply move the harness adjuster up to achieve the next harness height position. Gone are the days of removing the complete stroller seat to rethread the harness and this is certainly a welcomed feature! Additionally, the harness is designed with quick release features for parent's ease, and the option to later transition to a three-point harness.
  • One-Handed Calf Support Adjustment. The stroller seat has a built-in calf support that's adjustable with one hand. This comes into play when the child would like to keep their legs level for a more comfortable position or inversely, if the child is alert and sitting upright and would like to keep their calves and legs in a more vertical position.
  • Large, Easy-Access Stroller Basket. The Nuna TRIV stroller basket is sizable, delivering best of both worlds in a compact stroller with a uniquely large stroller basket. The basket is designed easily accessible by parent, with an additional zippered privacy compartment for personal items.
  • Leatherette Styling and Height-Adjustable Handlebar. All colors of the TRIV stroller are designed with leatherette styling on the stroller's handlebar and push bar. The light brown leatherette styling complements the TRIV's neutral color options, creating an all-around complete, luxe appearance. The handlebar is height adjustable with 5 handle height positions, for a comfortable and posture-friendly strolling position for parents and grandparents of varying heights.
  • Included Rain Cover. The TRIV comes with an included rain cover that is made to fit the stroller, protecting your child from rain and elements during strolls.
  • Rubber Tires and One-Touch Brake. The stroller's rubber tires, along with its all-wheel suspension, create a smooth and comfortable ride for the child. The one-touch brake makes stop and go easy, and is even open-toe friendly for Mom and Dad!

Nuna TRIV Colors:

  • CAVIAR. A unique dark greyish black color with brown leatherette handles
  • FROST. Light, cool-toned grey with brown leatherette handles

What's Included with the Nuna TRIV Travel System?

  • Nuna TRIV stroller w/ all-season merino wool infant insert & armbar
  • Foldable TRIV Ring car seat adapter for Nuna PIPA Car Seat
  • Stroller Rain cover
  • Nun PIPA series Infant Car Seat with base
  • Nuna PIPA Infant Insert 


  • Nuna TRIV Stroller weight: 19.4 lbs. (excludes armbar, insert and canopy)
  • Stroller frame only + ring adapter weight: 14.6 lbs. (this is relevant when you are traveling with just the stroller frame, ring adapter and car seat)
  • Manufacturer's Recommended use: up to 50 lbs. and 45". When using the stroller frame with the PIPA series infant car seat carrier, refer to the child usage requirements in the PIPA car seat's instruction manual.
  • Shipping dimensions: 31.5 lbs., 27.2"H x 21.3"L x 15.2"W
  • Open product dimensions: 42-43.5"H x 30.5-34.5"L x 20"W
  • Folded product dimensions: 17.5"H x 25.3"L x 21"W
  • Wheel size: 7" front, 7.5" rear
  • Storage basket maximum capacity: 10 lbs. (1 lb. in storage pocket)
  • Nuna's Manufacturer warranty from defects: 2 years for stroller, 1 year for car seat

Care Instructions:

  • Refer to the Nuna TRIV instruction manual and the care label attached to the fabric for washing and drying instructions
  • Clean the frame, plastic parts and fabric with a damp cloth, do not use abrasives or bleach. Do not use silicon lubricants as they will attract dirt and grime. Do not store stroller in a damp place.
  • Clean the stroller wheels regularly with water and remove any dirt.
  • Wipe off the product with a soft, absorbent cloth after using it in rainy weather.
  • Wash fabric in cold water, delicate cycle. Do not bleach. Drip dry. Do not tumble dry, do not iron, do not dry clean.