Stokke® Stroller Parasol

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Protect your little one’s sensitive skin from the summer sun with the Stokke® Stroller Parasol, designed to provide your child with optimal protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Available in an array of four stylish colors, there is a parasol to match any stroller.

The moveable arm keeps baby protected at any angle and can attach directly to the Stokke® Carry Cots as well as the Seats. Your child can even use it while walking alongside you. The parasol provides SPF 50 to keep your baby safe and happy even on the sunniest summer stroll.

Black & Grey Plastic Options:
The parasol comes in two plastic options - grey or black. The grey matches more closely the 2017 stroller versions (because these strollers have grey accents), and the black plastic complements the 2018 stroller versions more closely (because these stroller models have black accents). Either black or grey can be used with either years' stroller models.