2019 UPPAbaby Alta Booster Seat

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The 2019 UPPAbaby Alta Booster Car Seat is UPPAbaby's first booster seat to be introduced to the market and, as expected, delivers on the safety and functional features that we have come to appreciate with the UPPAbaby brand. The UPPAbaby Alta is available in four beautiful fashion options, including both neutrals and color options. Here is a thorough review of the Alta booster, including colors, features, options and specifications.

Features of the 2019 UPPAbaby Alta Car Seat:

Lap Belt Positioner. The UPPAbaby Alta is designed with a unique lap belt positioner which sits between the legs of the child. The car's seat belt is routed through the lap belt positioner, similar to a three-point harness, helping to hold the child upward and avoid the child from submarining outside of the car seat in the event of an accident. This feature is fairly unique and sets the Alta apart from other booster car seats on the market.

Neck and Side-Lap Positioners. The UPPAbaby Alta is also designed with neck and side-lap positioners, helping to route the seat belt through a safe and comfortable path for your child. The lower part of your seat belt, the lap belt, routes first through the side-lap positioner of the Alta, then connects through the middle lap belt positioner, subsequently routing through the second side-lap positioner and clipping into the car's seat belt mechanism. The combination of the various belt positioners are cleverly designed to avoid ambiguity when using the car seat.

Grows with Child.  The car seat's head rest has a built-in lever that allows you to raise the headrest and the body of the seat upwards as your child grows, providing head, neck, shoulder and back support at varying heights. Simply pull the lever at the back of the head rest, and raise up the seat for a desired higher or lower position.

Combined EPP and Memory Foam for Side Impact Protection. The UPPAbaby Alta is made with a combination of EPP (expanded polypropylene) and memory foam. EPP is a durable material used in safety products, including motorcycle helmets and other safety goods. Memory foam provides both comfort and shock absorbency within the car seat, in the event of an accident. EPP is also more recyclable and a more environmentally friendly material than other similar materials.

LATCH Connectors. The Alta booster seat includes latch connectors built into the bottom sides of the seat. The LATCH connectors connect the car seat firmly into your car's LATCH system. Most car seats from 2002 and onwards are built with the LATCH system. The LATCH connectors help to ensure that the car seat is properly and firmly in place, and helps to ensure that the car seat does not become a projectile in your car, in the event of an accident should the car seat be vacant.

High Back Booster. In UPPAbaby's long-standing tradition of making safe and functional products for children, the ALTA is designed as a high-back booster through and through. It does not become a backless booster, in an effort to provide that much-needed head, neck and shoulder support for your child. With many backless boosters, the upper part of the booster is removed and the child's upper body is only protected by the car's seat belt. In an effort to avoid this and continue to provide side impact protection to the head and shoulders, the Alta has created a non-detachable back.

Color Options:

Fashion Options. The Alta car seat is available in three beautiful neutral colors as well as a deep teal color that's vibrant and fun. All four colors have contrasting stitching accents, creating a sporty and refreshing style throughout the seat. The four fashion options that the Alta is available in are:

  • JAKE: classic darker UPPAbaby color combination in Black Mélange
  • MORGAN: Charcoal Mélange combination, with a lighter grey in the top position and darker grey for the sitting position
  • SASHA: Grey Mélange with pink accents, what's cuter than that?!
  • LUCCA: A vibrant Teal Mélange in contrasting teal tones


  • Approximately 5/6 -10 years
  • Weight: 40-100 lbs.
  • Height: 38" - 57"

What's Included:

3 YEAR "UBXTEND" Warranty – register your car seat online within 90 days of purchase date with a valid proof of purchase, and your free warranty automatically increases to 3 years, which is a rather unconventionally long warranty period, as far as baby gear goes. With this, your UPPAbaby gear is warranted to be free from any manufacturing defects for up to 3 years from date of purchase.

Cup Holder that may be used on both sides of the ALTA is also included